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Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R

Thương hiệu: STIHL
Đánh giá:
Mã sản phẩm: KM 130R
Lượt xem: 1132
Mã sản phẩm: KM 130R
Bảo hành: 6 tháng
Xuất xứ: Đức
Trọng lượng: 4.6 Kg
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Chi tiết sản phẩm

Highly competitive very powerful KombiEngine for demanding and frequent applications. With the patented STIHL 4-MIX® engine providing fast acceleration, more power, added torque and increased fuel efficiency when compared to a 2-stroke engine. With loop handle for difficult terrain and confined conditions. Quick release coupling for easy dismantling and changing of tools. Suitable for all KombiTools. Also available in KM 130 version with bike handle.


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130RFeatures:

STIHL 4-MIX® engine


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


You can always rely on STIHL to keep setting new benchmarks this time with 4-stroke mixed lubrication technology. The STIHL 4-MIX® engine, which runs on a fuel-oil mix just like a 2-stroke, offers the benefits without the compromises of 4-stroke power. STIHL 4-MIX engine technology provides fast acceleration, more power, added torque, lower noise, reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency to complete jobs quickly, quietly and more easily.

Electronic ignition module


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


This ensures reliable starting and trouble-free running. The ignition system is fully encapsulated and thus protected from damp and dirt.

Manual fuel pump


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


If your gasoline-powered engine device has a manual fuel pump, you can reduce the number of starting strokes by about 40% by repeatedly pressing the pump. By starting in this way, there is enough fuel available faster. (similar to illustration)

Anti-vibration system

Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R

Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to long-term effects on blood vessels in the hands and arms. STIHL has therefore developed an effective anti-vibration system whereby the oscillations from the machine's engine are dampened which significantly reduces vibrations at the handles.

Loop handle (R)


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


The loop handled grass trimmers and brushcutters are ideal for working in areas where space is limited, e.g. thinning between bushes and shrubs.

Multi-function control handle


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator's hand never leaves the handle

Quick-release coupling


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


The quick-release coupling allows the KombiSystem to be quickly dismantled into two parts for easy transport and storage – and then re-assembled quickly without tools.

Split shaft


Máy cắt cỏ đa năng STIHL KM 130R


With a split shaft and special toolless quick-release coupling, the KombiSystem is highly versatile, easily transported and easy to store.


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Thông số kỹ thuật

Technical data
Displacement cm³ 36.3
Displacement cm³ 36.3
Power output kW/bhp 1.4/1.9
Weight kg 1) 4.6
Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 99
Sound power level dB(A) 2) 112
Weight kg 1) 4.6
Vibration levels left/right m/s² 3) 9.7/9.4
Length to coupling sleeve cm 92

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